Storage Service

Storage Service

At Space Logistics, we strive to make storing your valuable possessions simple and easy. Space Logistics has many storage locations across the UK and EU to keep items for a few days or weeks, whether you need a self-storage unit for household, business, or study items. If you are moving to a country abroad, you can take advantage of our storage service in the UK. Our storage service is advantageous if you limit your shipment size, rent your home while away, or move to a hotel to find a home.

Our storage rates vary. They are determined by how much space you require for your items and how long you intend to keep them there. You can arrange for your goods to be delivered when you move to a new property. If you want to store your cargo before export, Space Logistics will provide you with a safe space to keep them for as long as you wish by paying the storage charges. If you are a trader or exporter in England or the European Union, you can book our storage service to keep your goods for a few days or weeks.

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