Return Policy

Welcome to Space Logistics! We have the following Return Policy for our customers, their goods transportation, and deliveries.

If you want your booked Consignment or Parcels/Good not delivered or we cannot deliver it to your Consignee, else the Consignee’s shutdown for any reasons, we manage to return it to you.

Without delays return

With our item return administrations, we intend to handle your returns as fast as conceivable so you can manage the issue without encountering any pointless postponements. The quicker and more proficient the help, the better it is for you and our clients. We can likewise help you by conveying a substitution item if essential, prompting a smooth and agreeable cycle for everybody concerned.

We keep your undelivered parcels/pallets or goods in our store and send a notice to you to recover it within a certain period. If you cannot recover it from our store, we reserve the right to sell it and get the space occupied by it empty in our store. You may also specify what you would like us to do with returned goods, depending on their condition and packing.

If you are an E-Commerce store and sell goods online, we also help with your returned goods to deliver them to your nearby warehouse at the best pricing.