Privacy Policy

Welcome to Space Logistics! We have the following Privacy Policy for our customers, their goods, and deliveries.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We will gather and deal with your data (paying little heed to electronic or non-electronic data) legitimately, reasonably, and straightforwardly just to the degree fundamental for offering our types of assistance or playing out our legally binding commitments.

2. Data minimization

We will keep individual data sufficient, pertinent, and restricted to what exactly is essentially comparable to the reason for which it was given. We won't gather individual data ahead of time or store individual data for future purposes, except if required or allowed by-laws or guidelines.

3. Use of Personal Information

We will just utilize the individual data for at least one determined and authentic purpose. Individual data won't be utilized or handled in any way contradictory to those reasons. At the point when we need to utilize your data past the extent of such purposes, we will get your assent, aside from when broadened utilize would be allowed by-laws or guidelines.

4. Accuracy

We will keep individual data exact and forward-thinking and will find a way to guarantee that individual data that is off base will be eliminated or amended immediately.

5. Limited retention

We will keep individual data no longer than is needed for the reasons for which the individual data was given. Except if in any case allowed by laws and guidelines, individual data that is not, at this point required or important will be cleansed or erased.

6. Management of Personal Information

Your data is dependent upon information mystery. In overseeing individual data, we relegate an official responsible for taking care of individual data, and take fitting and satisfactory defensive measures on a specialized and hierarchical level against unapproved or unlawful use and preparing.

7. Provision to Third Parties

Except if in any case allowed by laws and guidelines, we won't give your data to any outsider without your assent. Likewise, your data won't be moved to another country or domain except if that country or region will guarantee a sufficient degree of information assurance.

8. Inquiries, Corrections, and Erasure of Personal Information

We recognize that you reserve the option to know which of your data we hold and reserve the privilege to get to your data request correction, expulsion, or object to the (mechanized) preparing of it. We will react instantly appropriately and sensibly to any request from you about your data or solicitations for remedies or deletion.

9. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Commitment to this Policy

We fully abide by all laws and regulations concerning personal information protection in each country (e.g. Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information [Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003], the European General Data Protection Regulation [EU 2016/679]). Moreover, we are committed to compliance with the provisions of this Group Privacy Policy.

We completely keep all laws and guidelines concerning individual data security in every nation (e. g. the European General Data Protection Regulation [EU 2016/679]). Besides, we are focused on consistency with the arrangements of this Group Privacy Policy.